2012 Allegro Handbell  Ensemble The Allegro Handbell Ensemble is the concert handbell ensemble of the Union Church of Hinsdale.  Conducted by Stephen C. Edwards, the group performs for a variety of functions, including civic events, church services, and on local television and radio programs.

Since 1977, the Allegro Handbell Ensemble has toured each summer, performing across the United States and Europe, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.  For more information about the choir, see the About Allegro section.

Ring Out Glory!

Volume III (1981/2011)
Volume III - Allegro Bronze Edition (1981/2011) Volume III

The 1981 Allegro Handbell Choir

Released: 1981
Original Medium: Vinyl Record, 33 rpm

Bronze Edition Released: 2011
Medium: Compact Disc

With the Angels - Volume XIII (2009)
Bell Jubilee - Volume  XII (2005) With the Angels
Volume XIII

The 2009 Allegro Handbell Ensemble

Released: June 2009
Original Medium: Compact Disc



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